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Tapis Champeau Prelart

Founded in 1951, Tapis Champeau is an established floor covering expert serving a clientele from Montreal’s Sud-Ouest and Île-des-Soeurs boroughs. The family business has occupied several locations in Verdun since its foundation, but as of August 1995, it’s been located at 5963 rue de Verdun.

At the head of the company since 1989 is Mr. Pierre Champeau, who is also the owner and a salesman. His expertise and know-how make him a reference in residential floor covering among customers in Montreal’s Sud-Ouest and Île-des-Soeurs boroughs. Over the years, he has surrounded himself with a solid team that caters to the customer’s needs and advises them accordingly. With his in-depth knowledge of the area’s building structures, he can give customers expert opinions on the right floor covering for their renovation and indoor decoration projects while staying on budget. To deliver the best service to his loyal customers, Mr. Champeau counts on the support of partners: his daughter Amélie, a passionate consultant, Serge, as well as a team of dedicated installers.

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